“What is the Pub Mosey?”
It consists of walking, no more than five blocks at a time,
from bar to bar and enjoying at least one beverage at each bar.
Most years over 300 people go to fourteen or so bars in twelve or so hours. It is similar to a pub-crawl but at a much more leisurely pace.
Our goal is to increase the patronage to our proud neighborhood.
We want to show good people a good time in the neighborhood we call home.
The day starts at Noon at The NE Yacht Club on Marshall St NE.

There are only a few rules for the Pub Mosey:

  1. You must wear your Pub Mosey shirt (or no shirt at all)
  2. You must have a drink at each bar
  3. You must have a Pinkie or a greenie at Jaro’s
  4. Have fun
  5. Don’t Drink And Drive (we shouldn’t even have to mention this one)